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More potholes reported

by mikebell on 2 May, 2018

Following on from previous reports, Councillor Mike Bell has continued his campaign to get our local roads and pavements repaired.

In the last couple of weeks, Mike has walked around his Weston-super-Mare Central Ward looking for examples of poor roads and pavements – unfortunately there are a lot of them!

Mike said: “In just a few short hours walking around, I’ve been able to photograph and report dozens of potholes. I’ll get them inspected by council officers and hopefully they will be allocated for repairs. Walking around it is hard to believe that the council claims to have some of the best roads in Britain!”

Potholes reported so far have included:

  • junction of Malvern Road and Quantock Road
  • junction of Quantock Road and Walliscote Road
  • a sunken manhole in Quantock Road
  • at the junction of Stafford road and Locking Road
  • several in Beaufort Road
  • a number in Swiss Road
  • numerous sites in Stanley Road and Stanley Grove
  • several examples along Walliscote Road
  • repeat reports from Whitecross Road and Clevedon Road.

If you know of any others, you can report them direct to the council here or alternatively, contact Councillor Mike Bell.

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  1. Ray Armstrong says:

    Several of the potholes have a white circle drawn round them. Is this to warn road users, or is it to indicate that the pothole will soon be repaired, or does it mean that the Council has already received lots of complaints about them and doesn’t want any more?

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