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New service launching to help North Somerset residents access support

by mikebell on 3 April, 2020

North Somerset Council is launching a new service to link residents in need to the fantastic support being offered by communities.

North Somerset Together is an initiative that will help residents who have no support from family or friends and who are socially isolated access the support they need during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

It will also help those who want to volunteer to get involved or donate to link up with the right organisations, and signpost businesses to relevant information.

It brings together a wealth of information to help anyone in the community find out what is available, what help is needed, and contact groups and organisations directly.

North Somerset Council Deputy Leader and executive member for public health Councillor Mike Bell said: “There are residents in our community who urgently need support but do not know where to go to find out what is on offer and who they need to contact.

“We have developed this brand new service to make sure these people have a place to go that will link them into their own, local, community support.

“Given this is so new, please bear with us as we will be developing it while it is live. The information on the website will grow over the coming weeks, and we will get quicker at putting people in touch with the support they need.

“Our communities are doing an amazing job looking after everyone, from the most vulnerable to those who need a little extra while in self-isolation, and we are so thankful and grateful to everyone who is getting involved.

“We hope this service will complement what is being done by bringing together those who need or want to give help, with the groups and organisations who are already set up.

“For example, we’ve already matched up an 82-year-old lady from Clevedon to a voluntary service that will buy food for her over the weekend.”

Residents and businesses can access the service at www.n-somerset.gov.uk/together where there is also a range of information about mental, physical and financial wellbeing, and information about how to get involved as a volunteer or donate.

A telephone service has also been launched for those who do not have access to the internet. The number is 01934 427 437.

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