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Council tax could rise by 6% next year

by mikebell on 14 December, 2017

The Government has raised the maximum council tax rise to 6% for next year, which could see North Somerset’s average Band D Council Tax rate rise by around £75 a year.

North Somerset currently has the second lowest council tax in the south west and faces a budget gap of £10 million for next year, closing the gap will inevitably require council tax rises.

Councillor Mike Bell said: “Nobody likes paying more tax, but given the pressure on local services, rises are inevitable. If North Somerset was at the average level of council tax for our region, the council would have around £7 million extra cash – enough to plug the hole in the council budget and protect essential services.

“The fundamental problem is that council tax is an unfair way of collecting local revenue – it is not based on ability to pay, on income, but is based on an out-of-date estimate of the value of a persons home. So the single pensioner can pay the same council tax as the millionaire.

“It has not helped that the Government has underfunded North Somerset services, despite putting more pressure upon them.”

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