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Beware coronavirus scams

by mikebell on 19 March, 2020

Residents in North Somerset are being warned to be on their guard against coronavirus scams.

Cllr Mike Bell, deputy leader of North Somerset Council, said: “A known risk of being scammed are health concerns. People can sometimes respond impulsively to possible health protections and cures in a genuine attempt to control a difficult and unpredictable situation. It is human nature and totally understandable.

“But conmen know this and they are always quick to change their behaviour to gain an advantage.”

Within days of the coronavirus outbreak there were fake sanitisers and Covid19 swabbing kits, with some being sold door-to-door.

The rogue trader is looking for a new scheme to make money. So, they may offer to spray your driveway and front door with anti-bacterial spray unnecessarily.

Trading Standards advice is:

  • follow government advice
  • be as careful as you would normally be…don’t be side-tracked or rush into decisions
  • don’t purchase items from your doorstep or respond to surveys
  • don’t draw attention to the passer-by that you are self-isolating (signs in windows)
  • don’t give cash to strangers to do shopping etc
  • don’t buy cures and medicines on line
  • don’t buy soaps and sanitizers from unknown sources
  • buy all products from known sources
  • trust and seek help from family and friends
  • stay calm.

The trusted source on the current situation on coronavirus in the GOV.UK website which is regularly updated.

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