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New £3.2 million town centre health centre moves forward

by mikebell on 20 September, 2019

GOOD NEWS on the town centre health centre: whilst nothing has been decided yet, the plans for a £3.2 million health centre for central Weston-super-Mare are moving forward.

The NHS Clinical Commissioning Group is progressing site options appraisals and has developed a shortlist of six possible sites for the new centre. Possible options include council-owned land at the Sovereign Centre, the former Magistrates Court and the former police station. A further three privately-owned sites are under consideration.

Weston-super-Mare Central Ward Councillor Mike Bell said: “The plan is that the NHS will finalise their preferred location in the next couple of months and complete any necessary negotiations to enable construction/fit-out work to commence next year with a view to the new centre being open towards the end of next year or early 2021.

“As soon as more detail is known, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, patients of Clarence Park and Graham Road GP practices will be served from the Graham Road Surgery under the new management of Pier Health Group Ltd, a consortium of local successful GPs.

“This is something I’ve been campaigning for over many years and I’m delighted that progress is being made!”


2 Responses

  1. Ann Baancroft says:

    The old Magistrates Court or the police station site would be ideal but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE not the M&S site.
    You killed the town centre when you let them go. Everyone I speak to is still horrified the council let that happen.

    You could improve High Street in a simple way. A notice each end saying ‘Cyclists please walk’ would hopefully stop
    the increasing number of cyclists who think it is acceptable to cycle, however busy the street is.

  2. John Royston says:

    So we are told, 6 possible sites. 3 council owned and 3 privately.
    What’s the betting that one of the privately owned sites will be choosen.
    Hey, Got to keep it in the family, right.

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