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Have your say: town centre changes

by mikebell on 2 August, 2019

Have your say about proposed works to improve traffic flow, public transport access and local amenity around the Alexandra Parade and Station Road area of Weston-super-Mare.

Councillors, stakeholders and members of the public are invited to attend a public meeting at 2pm on Monday 12th August in the New Council Chamber, Town Hall Weston-super-Mare. This meeting has been arranged by the Strategic Planning, Economic Development and Regeneration Policy and Scrutiny Panel (SPEDR) and will provide an opportunity for anyone interested in or affected by these proposals to ask questions, provide feedback and potentially influence the final shape of the scheme.

Background – At the meeting of the Council’s Executive on 25th June, Councillors were informed about the funding and implementation arrangements for the Weston-super-Mare Transport Enhancement Scheme (see below for further details). Noting the tight timescales for progressing the scheme, there was discussion about the adequacy of the consultation arrangements, particularly in respect of the Alexandra Parade element of the package and the Chairman of SPEDR gave notice of the Panel’s intention to enable further public scrutiny of these proposals.

The Transport Enhancement scheme – Proposed improvements works to Station Road, Walliscote Road, Alexandra Parade and Regent Street to create a better environment for residents, shoppers and visitors. The proposals may include:

· more attractive entrance to the town with improved landscaping and the planting of over 22 new trees;

· offering simpler access for pedestrians;

· alterations to the road layout of Alexandra Parade and Walliscote Road to reduce the volume of traffic in the town centre;

· enhancing cycling and pedestrian links across the town centre;

· bringing scattered town centre bus stops into one location on Regent Street

· making the use of public transport easier;

· reducing the impact of lorries in the daytime, introducing loading access to a new pedestrian zone of Regent Street between 6pm and 10am, with loading bays on the outskirts of the pedestrian zone available at all times of the day.

The Panel is particularly keen to encourage representation at the meeting from local residents, public transport users, transport providers and local businesses.

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