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Town Hall flies the flag with Pride

by mikebell on 26 July, 2019

Councillor Mike Bell joins council staff and Pride Organisers to raise the flag at the Town Hall.

Councillor Mike Bell writes: “I was delighted to join the raising of the Pride flag from the Town Hall this week. Weston Pride has done an amazing job over the last six years to turn Pride into a full-scale event that celebrates equality and diversity in our community.”

North Somerset Council works in partnership with the North Somerset LGBT Network in areas such as advancing equality of opportunity, safeguarding and hate crime.

Weston Pride, which takes place in Grove Park on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July, has grown from humble beginnings to become a two day vibrant, family-friendly event that promotes inclusion for all.


2 Responses

  1. J Royston says:

    I believe your efforts would be better placed raising the Union Flag and better still flying the English Flag.
    The Pride movement has been in existence for many years,
    the way you and the council are promoting this movement seems to be that you are saying that this movement is better than the straight community in some way.
    Can you tell me why the English Flag is not flown from the council building or are you all ashamed to be British and English or are you frightened of upsetting a minor community?

    • mikebell says:

      The Union flag is flown from the Town Hall and on St George’s Day we will fly the St George’s Cross. We also fly the Royal British Legion flag in November and various other celebration flags.

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