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North Somerset Life magazine to be cut back

by mikebell on 18 July, 2019

A review into North Somerset Life’s future has been carried out by the council since the new administration was elected in May.

Councillor Mike Bell, deputy leader of the council, said: “We are reducing the frequency of the North Somerset Life magazine in line with our previous budget saving proposals when in opposition.

“At the same time, we are complying with the central Government legislation which prohibits councils from publishing their resident newsletter more than four times a year.

“Some of the money saved will be used to offset the shortfall in budget in other service areas over the next four years, and some of it will be reinvested in digital communication so we can continue to communicate regularly with the people who matter most – our residents.”

The magazine used to be monthly but following Government advice the publication was scaled back to six times a year – involving four issues a year plus two seasonal ‘specials’ to comply with regulations.

But it will be cut further meaning it will be delivered to homes every four months.

Cllr Bell said greater emphasis will be put on digital communication.

He said: “We recognise not everyone has access to computers or smartphones, and some people prefer to read updates in print, which is why for the time being we will continue to print three editions a year.

“The digital opportunities we are looking at include increasing the frequency of our digital newsletter for residents which we send out every other month, and also live streaming council meetings.”

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