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Council seeks opinion on shopfront design guide

by mikebell on 8 July, 2019

Local businesses, town councils and developers in North Somerset are to be invited to give their views on a proposed shopfront design guide.

Produced with support from Historic England through the Weston Heritage Action Zone, the design guide will set out best practice and recommendations to improve the physical quality and appearance of local streets that will positively impact the retail and visitor experience.

The draft document sets out clear guidance on how to achieve high standards of design in relation to shopfronts and conversions from retail to residential across North Somerset.

Weston-super-Mare Central Ward Councillor Mike Bell said: “North Somerset has a range of shopping opportunities from individual businesses through to national brands. This guide is about working with owners and traders to improve the look and design of their shops.

“Our aim is to ensure residents and visitors spend locally with these businesses, benefit from an enjoyable shopping and leisure experience, and make sure our heritage assets are enhanced and put to a viable use consistent with their conservation.”

The Heritage Action Zone is part of the Weston Town Centre Regeneration Programme which is delivering improvements to key sites within the town and encouraging inward investment.

Weston was one of the first places to be awarded Heritage Action Zone status. There are now 18 Heritage Action Zones in villages, towns and cities across England.

The consultation will be available from Monday 1 July 2019 until Friday 12 August 2019: http://consult.n-somerset.gov.uk/consult.ti

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