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Some progress on parking: Residents to help shape parking strategy

by mikebell on 12 June, 2019

North Somerset Council has pledged to involve local residents and businesses in creating a “fair and affordable” parking policy across the district.

The council’s new Independent/Liberal Democrat-led Executive has decided to set up a new panel of councillors to take a fresh look at parking in the area.

The panel will consider a number of issues including the fairness of parking charges, options and opportunities for residential parking permits and will draw up a parking strategy for the future.

Initially it will set out a programme for the review before seeking the views of residents, businesses and organisations to help shape the future parking strategy for the district.

It will include councillors representing the most directly-affected wards and communities across the district from all political groups on the council.

“Speaking with local residents, parking is clearly a very emotive issue,” said Liberal Democrat Cllr Mark Canniford, executive member for business, economy and employment.

“There is an appetite in this new cross-party administration to create a fair and affordable parking policy and we are keen to involve residents and businesses in this process. As the review progresses we will be keeping the local community informed and giving everyone the opportunity to share their views with us.”


4 Responses

  1. Paul.roxby says:

    Yes you parking now included clearance park!!!!
    For V. I P s who do not live here!!!!

  2. I am so relieved that parking in Weston is to be addressed at last. I would like to point out that continual parking on double yellow lines in the Ellenborough Park Road area is causing problems & is dangerous where clear vision is blocked where Ellenborough meets Neva Road. Where are the traffic wardens? Why are commuters allowed to get away with this illegal & dangerous parking day after day?


    Parking on double yellow lines around the Clarence Park area is also a problem also double parking. People living on motor homes causing mayhem. Why can’t we have notices Luke the ones around Attenborough no motor homes between 6pm and 6am

  4. Owen says:

    Hi Mike. I am disabled and live on Clifton Road. The parking is atrocious, and there is no point applying for a disabled bay as everyone parks in them. They are ‘advisory’ only. I have no why this is the case, but understand that it is a national issue. Clifton Road and others desperately need a resident parking permit scheme. If you have the time, I would really appreciate a discussion about disabled bays as well. Thanks.

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