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Lib Dem priorities on transport

by mikebell on 23 April, 2019

The Weston Mercury has asked the different parties to offer 150 words on key policies. Here is what the Lib Dems had to say on transport. 🚌 🚂

Liberal Democrats believe that local public transport isn’t fit for the people who live here. We want a better mix of buses and rail services, investment in cycling and pedestrian-friendly town and village centres, and a focus on delivering a sustainable transport network that is more affordable, more reliable and less polluting. This means delivering the Portishead railway, campaigning for new rail and bus routes, and investigating a park and ride and other sustainable mass transit schemes for Weston and Bristol Airport. It also means delivering targeted improvements to the road networks, including tackling our key motorway junctions once and for all. In addition, we want to incentivise electric vehicles and have district-wide charging ports. The Conservative administration has been slow to act and muddled in its responses. It’s a common sense approach that has been missing and we’d bring that back.

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  1. kathy BANFIELD says:

    It would be nice if the Bristol bus would extend their route just a little further along the sea front and have a bus stop outside the Tropicana.
    Its time we had some joined up thinking about the location of bus routes.

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