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How fast is the ambulance service in Weston?

by mikebell on 6 March, 2019

The most critically injured patients in rural areas are at risk due to the time it takes the ambulance service to reach them, according to the BBC.

Some rural communities wait more than 20 minutes on average for 999 crews or trained members of the community to get to immediately life-threatening cases like cardiac arrests and stab victims.

A response should come in six to eight minutes, depending on where you live.

Weston-super-Mare Central Ward Councillor Mike Bell said: “Weston Hospital has no night-time A&E. NHS proposals being considered at the moment would make this situation permanent. The plan within five years would see no A&E in Weston at all. How quickly the ambulance service can reach you and how quickly you can make it to an A&E can be the difference between life and death.

“Research has shown that if patients who are suffering from heart attacks are given treatment quickly, including from a paramedic, about two-thirds can survive. But every minute delay reduces survival by 10%.

“Our local ambulance service gets to most patients within 10 minutes, but I find the proposal to cut our local A&E service and forc30-minute journeys to Bristol or Taunton frightening. Join the campaign to fight back here:https://www.facebook.com/SaveWestonAandE/

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  1. David says:

    People choose where they live, some choose a beautiful rural area away from it all where they can enjoy peace and tranquillity, coupled with this choice is the fact that they are not able to have the benefits of banking, post offices, top broadband speeds and the ability to receive an 8 minute response from the ambulance service.

    Other people choose to live in an urban area to have access to such facilities.

    It is a matter of free choice.

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