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Latest update on Clarence Park and Graham Road surgeries

by mikebell on 20 December, 2018

Below is the latest update on the future of Clarence Park and Graham Road GP Surgeries, following calls from Councillor Mike Bell for a ‘reset’ of merger proposals to ensure patients were given the chance to have a proper voice.

Any proposals for the future will also be affected by the new funding secured to support new health provision in the town centre.

Statement from the GP practices and Clinical Commissioning Group:

Improving GP services for Clarence Park and Graham Road GP Surgeries

Have your say about our future

Health planners and local doctors who provide services from Clarence Park and Graham Road GP surgeries have been talking about how to improve service provision for patients and their families, service users and carers into the future.

Initially, the company that manages the two surgeries, wasn’t clear about how to take forward proposals for potential changes, which we know has led to some confusion and different stories about the future of the surgeries emerging.

Following an open public meeting on the 23 November 2018, which was well attended, we shared that we would restart the work about our proposals for change with our patients and public in an engagement and consultation process early in the new year.

To ensure this is as comprehensive and wide reaching as possible, we are working with the Clinical Commissioning Group and the Practice Patient Group to develop a full Patient and Public Involvement plan.

The plan will ensure we provide opportunities for patients, their families, carers and service users to have their say in a variety of different ways.

This will include:

* Providing a ‘Case for Change’ document in plain English so people can understand the reasons why we need to our improve services, the challenges we face, and what changes we need to make in order to achieve these improvements

* Details of the range of ways in which you can have ‘your say’ such as:

– By dedicated email
– Fill out an online survey
– Attend a meeting
– Invite us to your community meeting

* Publication of an outline timetable detailing when and where you can have your say; and when and where key decisions will be made

* At the end of the engagement and consultation process, a summary of what you have said to us will be published. This feedback will be considered by the decision makers

* After the decision is made, a ‘you said…we did’ report will be made available

We will be collecting all the feedback and using it to inform our final proposals.

If you have any questions or you would like to submit your views by email please send to:


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