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SEN Theatre Survey – Can you help?

by mikebell on 30 November, 2018

Don’t like loud noises or dark rooms, clapping or loudspeaker announcements or just feel uncomfortable walking into new unfamiliar places? Would you like to go out and enjoy theatre as a family without the stress and worry of a meltdown and no-one understanding? Do you know someone with Special Educational Needs who would love to access theatre, films, events or workshops specifically designed to be aware of their needs?

Weston Town Council is pleased to announce that the Blakehay Theatre are compiling a grant application to be able to bring regular events and performances to the theatre specifically designed for children and families with Sensory and Special Educational Needs in 2019!

They are currently working on a grant application to allow us to bring a regular programme of performances and events to The Blakehay Theatre in Weston-super-Mare for people with special educational needs.

We would be grateful if you could help us by clicking on the link below and taking a few minutes to take our Online Survey with your views and sharing the information with anyone you feel would benefit.
We have formulated three separate questionnaires, one for parents and carers, one for teachers, more specifically for teachers who may become involved with children who have special educational needs, and finally one for the students themselves. Please find below the links for the survey for:
The aim of these questionnaires is to learn more about people who struggle to access the theatre due to additional needs. These could be physical, mental or emotional needs which affect participation. As such it is the parents, carers and teachers whose children cannot currently attend the theatre that we would like to answer these questionnaires.
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