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Parking action

by mikebell on 26 September, 2018

Councillor Mike Bell reports: “challenged North Somerset Council’s Conservative leader again at a council meeting last night on parking. He promised me a ‘review’ in January, repeated this in April and still hasn’t delivered.

“Residents in the pay and display zone cannot park near their homes, parking charges are too high, enforcement is not always fair and we need residents’ parking zones. Action cannot come too soon.

“The good news: he said that some work looking at options and a strategic approach had been done behind the scenes and that he would announce something by the end of October.

“The bad news: he’s said this before and so far there has been no cross-party engagement (which was promised) and no consultation with residents and businesses (which is vital).

“I guarantee that I’ll keep banging the drum until we win fairer parking policies! In the meantime, if you have any comments, please get in touch.”


2 Responses

  1. Richard green says:

    As a Boulevard resident with a vehicle in daily use, it costs £15 per day to park outside my flat. As a pensioner of 70 this is a huge drain on finances. As a permit does not offer daytime parking and the distance to and from the area is prohibitive in our inclement weather, whee are our spaces. They are in fact just outside and at the milton Road end and the top end full of blue card dticker cars and an ever growing number of wardens walking and in vans. Please keep up your fight for a fair permit scheme for the residents. Visitors should be in car parks not outdide of where I am living

  2. Zara Britton says:

    Well done to you for keeping on at the council for a fairer parking scheme for us local residents who live in the town centre.
    I can’t believe how much it’s costing a week to park in the Street where I live. And sometimes have to park quite a distance.

    Sundays especially are the worst days to park. I dare’nt move away from my street on that day as I know for a fact there would be not a chance of parking.

    Some friends & people I speak to, can’t believe the whole set up of the current Parking Scheme. It’s a joke. One I don’t find funny.

    I really hope the Council get their finger out and sort it ASAP.

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