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‘Shameful’ failings in special needs education

by mikebell on 13 July, 2018

Significant concerns about special educational needs and disability provision in North Somerset have been raised following an inspection of local services by Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission.

Commenting on the new report, local Councillor Mike Bell said:

“The Ofsted inspection of North Somerset Council’s special educational needs and disabilities services has been published and “raises significant concerns about the effectiveness of the local area”.

“This a shameful report that shows a lack of strategy, poor communication with parents and a failure to support children with special needs properly. Urgent action is needed to put things right.

“I’ve been pressing for action on this for almost a year, after concerns were raised with me in the General Election last year. It is reassuring that Ofsted has picked up on the key themes, but shocking that these issues have still not been addressed.

“The council must now produce an action plan, to be agreed with Ofsted, to address deficiencies. We must hold them to the task to get the best possible outcomes for local children and families.”

Councillor Bell is a member of North Somerset’s Children and Young People’s Services Scrutiny Panel and the Panel’s SEND working group.

Link to the Ofsted letter to North Somerset:


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  1. C Hall says:

    So pleased someone is looking into this. Working as a SENCO it is shocking to see the lack of funding available to children with SEND, not to mention SENCOs who have lost their passion. Sadly we are also in a time where results are more of a focus than a child’s SEND and SEMH needs. As a parent I have had to pull my child out of mainstream education, as no matter how many times I suggested they used the required strategies for my child not everyone would implement them or they refused to allow him to access them. The final straw was when a narrow minded SENCO said “he’s one of those children who would be better of on a farm in Canada!” NO he’s a child who has the right to equal education!! Time to shake up the system and look at the bigger picture and address SEND and address ESMH in the classroom not just results. Wishing you luck in improving SEND.

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