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New housing proposals for Locking Road and Sunnyside Road

by mikebell on 28 June, 2018

Homes England, in conjunction with North Somerset Council, is inviting the public to comment on a new housing scheme for the Sunnyside Road and Locking Road car parks. To read more information on the proposed development, and leave your comments visit http://www.n-somerset.gov.uk/lrsrconsultation. The consultation will run from 27 June until the 11 July.

Please let us know what you think – comment on this post or email mike.bell@n-somerset.gov.uk

Mike and Robert’s immediate priorities are:
* to get good quality design – we’re not “excited” about these images so far, however much the council says they are “exciting”
* to ensure that parking is sufficient – where are the proposals to replace the lost car parking at Locking Road and Sunnyside Road?
* to see where jobs for these new residents will come from – the town centre doesn’t have an abundance of emerging employers
* and to make sure that key facilities are in place for already living here, never mind the new residents – where is our new GP surgery, children’s centre and primary school? A lot of change required!


2 Responses

  1. John says:

    There’s a long term pattern that’s emerged here. The Tories allowing public facilities to be run down and flogged off to the private sector…Just like Knightsone Island, the Winter Gardens and our bus station, the new car park development will only benefit developers, people from out of town and revenue starved council coffers. For everyone else, congestion and more stress on our everyday services…

  2. Russell Carter says:

    Looks like a 1960’s council estate to me,I hope it’s all affordable housing.

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