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North Somerset Council’s £2.4 million parking bonanza

by mikebell on 3 May, 2018

Campaigning local Liberal Democrat Councillors Mike Bell and Robert Payne are continuing to challenge North Somerset Council’s parking policies to try and get a fairer deal for local residents.

Their latest research has revealed that:

– total income from car parking is around £2.4 million per year, an increase of 36% over five years;

– more than 21,000 car parking fines will have been issued to motorists in 2017/2018;

– the surplus of income from parking over costs is around £1.5 million – yet only £300,000 has been specifically allocated for highways maintenance and then only in the last two years;

– only three of 11 car parks with charges are outside of Weston;

– none of the 31 streets with on-street parking charges are outside of Weston.

Councillor Mike Bell said: “These figures show that the council is continuing to increase revenue from parking, either through increased charges or by charging in new areas, and that the great majority of this income comes from residents and visitors in Weston-super-Mare. The town truly is the parking cash cow.

“Every year the council claims that no profit is made from parking and that any surplus is ploughed back into highways maintenance. These figures suggest that is not the case at all, with profits of £1.5 million made but just £300,000 transparently spent on highways.

“As well as adding to the cost of living of drivers, hiking up parking charges has a knock-on effect on businesses that rely on shoppers arriving by car. Parking fines will top 21,000 this year, which does reinforce concerns about whether these are always being applied fairly.

“North Somerset Council’s leader has promised a review of parking, and the council must get on with it. Weston has been treated unfairly with enforcement and charges targeted on the town. This needs to change with a fair and balanced parking strategy for the whole of North Somerset.”


2 Responses

  1. John Whittle says:

    I have been banging the drum over this ever since it was introduced both with the council and the Mercury. Still can’t understand how they can use parking as a revenue stream when it is against all the rules the Government has on Parking legislation. They may only be spending 300 K of revenue but I bet it’s being spent all over North Somerset when the vast majority of it is raised in Weston. Please keep up the fight, both of you, it may be the only chance to get justice for the people of Weston.. John Whittle

  2. Zara Britton says:

    Totally agree with John Whittle. There should be a fairer scheme for those living on the pay to park streets. It’s not fair having to go out of our homes every 2 hours in order to re-park our vehicles especially on Saturdays or having to park quite a distance away to find all day parking without having to pay. Not looking forward to the fact that Sundays are to be included too.

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