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Changes planned for Weston-super-Mare railway station

by robpayne on 4 February, 2018

GWR and Network Rail are to improve access to the station this year, by spending around £955,000 on the changes.

New lifts are to be of installed, which should be of particular help to disabled passengers, some of whom currently have to be taken across the track by members of staff to get from one platform to the other. And a new back entrance to the station from Sunnyside Road is due to be created, following the closure of the old one a few years ago, with improvements to the station approach on that side hoped for in conjunction with other developments in that area.

There will also be ticket operated barriers, which will prevent access to the platforms without a ticket; this is intended to cut down on the number of passengers who travel without a ticket. More ticket machines will be installed on both sides of the station, which will both sell tickets and dispense tickets purchased online.

Robert Payne welcomed improvements to access at the station, commenting: “The number of users of Weston station is increasing year-on-year, and it is essential that it is as easy as possible for users to access it. I am particularly pleased that the significant difficulties some disabled people experience there are being addressed.”

The changes planned will be subject to listed building consent which Network Rail is applying for this month, but it is hoped that the work should start in July and be completed in October.


5 Responses

  1. I wondered if it would be possible to improve pedestrian access to the station especially from the Locking Road. Unless you walk up to Tesco you have to. Egoitate fast movigtrafffic with no crossing points. This is tiring if you are carrying heavy luggage and prolly results I. More car journeys

    • robpayne says:

      Yes I agree that it could be much improved. Included in the plans for the town centre, there is to be development on Locking Road car park, and also improvements to the link between the station and the centre. We shall continue to push for improved access as part of these developments, and a better link from Locking Road to the station could be part of this.

  2. B FRANK says:

    I would like to know if tickets to access platforms will be available for non-passengers. A few examples of why this is needed: Assisting a disabled passenger / meeting or bidding farewell to visitors from afar/ aiding an anxious passenger. I can think of many people who would appreciate a familiar face & perhaps help with their luggage. As helpful as the staff are, they may find they are inundated with requests for assistance, if only passengers are allowed on the platforms.

  3. robpayne says:

    As far as I know there are no plans to introduce platform tickets for non-passengers. I have made the point to the representative of GWR that it would be disappointing for the reasons you have outlined. We will continue to press them for the best arrangements for local users of the station.

  4. Ashton says:

    Where can we view the plans please ? As I live close by the station and I would like to be able to see them.

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