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Parking charges to rise and on-street charges on a Sunday?

by mikebell on 29 November, 2017

North Somerset Council’s Conservative administration has announced details of budget proposals for next year – including plans to increase parking charges and potentially introduce on-street charges on a Sunday in Weston-super-Mare.

The report, which is being considered by the council Executive on Tuesday 5th December, says: “Draft proposals have been prepared raising a number of existing on and off-street charges delivering potential increased income. Extending on-street charges to Sundays would deliver additional income. ”

Weston-super-Mare Central Ward Councillor Mike Bell said: “This is an absolute slap in the face for Weston-super-Mare residents. They’ve been hit by on-street pay and display charges. They’ve been hit by year-on-year increases in off-street car park charges. They’ve been hit by Civil Parking Enforcement, and the council’s heavy handed ticketing approach. Now they face more inflation-busting increases and charges on a Sunday. It’s a total disgrace.”



3 Responses

  1. Trisha says:

    It will kill the town centre
    The perception will be go to cribbs free parking
    Weston always feels like the cash cow for portishead and clevedon
    Why spend all the money on dolphin square?
    Shortsighted once people go elsewhere they won’t come back

  2. Gary Board says:

    Absolutely wrong and stupid idea to try and bring in on street parking charges on a Sunday you want people to come into town and as a local resident where are we supposed to park

  3. Ray Armstrong says:

    Charges should be introduced in other parts of North Somerset rather than increased in Weston.

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