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Tesco to end free parking unless you spend

by mikebell on 13 September, 2016

Shoppers at the Tesco store in Weston town centre will have to spend at least £5 in store if they want to park a car for more than 30 minutes.

Tesco bosses are going to introduce new parking measures for the store which will see people fined £70 if they stay for longer than two hours. If residents want to park for free, they must spend £5 in store.

The store has applied for planning permission to install ticket machines and barriers at the site.

Central Ward Councillor Mike Bell said: “This is an understandable move by Tesco. For years there have been people using their car park as a free town centre parking resource and not shopping in store.

“However, it does reinforce the urgent need for the council to come up with a proper parking strategy for the town centre. We’re likely to lose Locking Road car park in the future and there needs to be adequate and fairly priced spaces for visitors and residents alike.”


2 Responses

  1. P Haycock says:

    About time TESCO charged for parking.. It is impossible to find a space there to shop, as majority park there for the town as it is free.. Not unreasonable to expect a minimum purchase .. Then parking free..

  2. Jan says:

    My partner who used to work for Woodspring DC when Tesco purchased land and built the store has a memory of there being an understanding that Tesco would provide free parking as part of the planning agreement. Would it be possible for you to check this please.

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